LiquiFix makes top-performing eco-friendly household and industrial lubricants, biodegradable degreasers and powerful cleaners you can feel good about using. Everything we make is certified green, 100% safe and independently proven to be as tough as the leading non-sustainable brands.

"The cleaner is great!! So powerful with a fresh sent!"
-Ryan Carr, Carr Winery, Santa Barbara, CA



Everything we serve is fresh and organic, with no hormones or antibiotics. To use toxic products here goes against everything we stand for. We no longer have to clean our kitchen at odd hours when our workers would rather be home with family.

Theresa Carroll, Proprietor 4 Star Restaurant

The muddy terrain constantly adhered to my shoes and cleats. I sprayed LQ-5 Bicycle Grade Lubricant on them throughout the day and the mud just fell off. It worked amazingly everywhere I used it — on my clips and derailleurs, and on the chain and chain rings.

Ironman triathlete Ian O’Sullivan

Amazing. We LOVE LOVE this product. Non-toxic, completely safe to use around our dogs & children. It took spilled paint right off our deck. We used it to clean a stain on our carpet. Its great on glass -- doesn't streak! LOVE!

C. Gestal, New Canaan, CT

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LiquiFix Lubricant


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