LQFX Multi Purpose Cleaner Certified Non-Toxic, Food Safe, Safe for Kids and Pets -16 oz

LQFX Multi Purpose Cleaner Certified Non-Toxic, Food Safe, Safe for Kids and Pets -16 oz

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LQFX Multi Purpose Cleaner  Bio-Based Ingredients, Certified Non-Toxic, Food Safe, Safe around Kids and Pets.  

  • ALL NATURAL Cleaner for the whole household
  • CERTIFIED FOOD SAFE and NON-TOXIC, a safer clean for you and your family
  • BIODEGRADABLE active ingredients derived from bio based sources
  • DISSOLVES dirt, grime, grease, and stains with a gentle citrus scent
  • KITCHEN appliances, stainless steel, stovetops, counters, tile, glass, floors, sealed wood and stone

    For everything your family does in the kitchen, enjoy a safe clean with LQFX Multipurpose Cleaner. Non Toxic, Food Safe, LQFX Multipurpose Cleaner delivers a lasting clean without the harsh chemicals. Ditch the cleaning gloves and skip the harsh chemicals. 

    Non Toxic, Food Safe, Green Clean For All Kitchen Surfaces

    Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a revolutionary solution that dissolves a wide variety of soils and stains. Utilizing award-winning patented technology, LQFX Multi-Purpose Cleaner is all-natural, made from bio-based ingredients, and is readily biodegradable. The formula is certified food safe and non-toxic, providing a deep clean while being safe for people, pets, and the whole household. The ideal kitchen cleaner, LQFX Multi-Purpose Cleaner works great on kitchen appliances big and small, stainless steel, porcelain or glass. Safely clean countertops, range hoods, and food preperation surfaces without worrying about harmful chemicals coming into contact with your food.

    Why LQFX Multi-Purpose Cleaner

    • Certified Food Safe and Non-Toxic
    • All Natural, Biodegradable formula is derived from bio-based sources
    • Safe for people, pets, and the environment
    • Dissolves stains, soils, grease, gunk
    • Long lasting clean and shine
    • Gentle citrus scent
    • Green cleaning that actually works!
    • 16oz ergonomic bottle with spray top

    Powerful Non-Toxic Cleaning For The Entire Household

    Sealed Stone
    Stainless Steel
    Small Appliances
    Sealed Wood
    Glass and Windows

    Tile and Grout
    Sealed Stone
    Glass and Mirrors

    Sealed Wood
    Stainless Steel
    Glass and Windows

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